Agenda 21 Simplified

Agenda 21 ... is now Agenda 2030

What is Agenda 21- Agenda 2030?

Agenda 21 has now morphed into Agenda 2030 and is a master plan to literally transform the world into a one world government with the cooperation of nations and corporations around the globe. The entire plan is being sold under the positive guise of "sustainable" living and global "peace and prosperity" and promises to deliver the planet from hunger, starvation and suffering. What's not to like about that? By selling the plan using positive sounding buzz words they expect people around the globe to accept this global order. The fact of the matter however is that all of this is an attempt to not only reconstruct and recreate the order of life on a global and local level but it's an attempt to eventually control literally every form of human activity from shopping to eating, to what car you drive, to what clothes you wear and every activity you participate in. This "restructuring" is designed to give government at the global level the control it needs over every imaginable form of human activity, again, all in the name of "sustainability". This was one of the most important original purposes of the global warming movement introduced by Al Gore in the 1990s. This is also the primary mission of the continuing  so called climate change movement which continues to ignore the true cause of climate change, that being the artificial geoengineering of our weather. This is also why the Obama administration has focused so much energy and effort into not only keeping the climate change issue alive but even going as far as taking control of all climate change legislation with an odd 'power grab' executive order signed on November 1, 2013 then following up the past several years with several global climate summits (like the one in Paris in 2015) culminating in climate agreements between many nations (170+ countries signed on) which ensure the climate global tyranny "sustainable" agenda will continue for very long unless the masses wake up to the fraud of this movement and stop the globalization and draconian attempts at global taxation and subsequent global penalties all designed to fund the new world order and establish unchallenged global power.

The original Agenda 21 was an agreement signed by 179 countries stemming from the U.N's "Sustainable development" conference on Environment and Development held at Rio De Janerio Brazil June 3-14 1992. It's 288 pages long and outlines global guidelines for almost every aspect of life. Agenda 21 is the global government legislation that attempts to terminate the natural god given sovereignty of your country, your state, your city, your local town, your individual god given rights and your freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Put another way, Agenda 21 is a way to get sovereign citizens to relinquish their rights in the name of the global government's environmental religion. For many years the media accused those warning of the new world order as "conspiracy theorists" but now it is all out in the open and it is up to you to fight back and start holding the criminals guilty of global genocide accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Who is helping implement Agenda 21- Agenda 2030?

Many nonprofit organizations and NGOs are funding and helping fascilitate this agenda at the local level. Of course, it doesn't end there. Agenda 2030 is being pushed by elements within almost every sector of life. From your local grocery store to your landlord, local businesses, the board of education, your power company or your boss at work. Businesses may be offered incentives for going along with Agenda 21-2030 guidelines. All is being sold under the "Green" movement, "sustainability" and other buzz words such as "responsibility" and "progressive" or "solutions" for a better world for which we need to "act now" to "save" the world. The agenda is being funded by many entities and the entire movement is a multi-billion dollar movement.

How can we stop Agenda 21- Agenda 2030?

Educate your elected officials and those concerned about the climate. Remind them that although "sustainability" and global "peace and prosperity" may sound good, there is a far more nefarious agenda at play. Combine educational efforts with local truth and activism groups. Also do what you can to share this information with others.

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