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How Recent "Ahmed Mohamed" Feel-Good Story Fits In With Globalist Agenda
September 18, 2015
Ahmed Mohamed

The recent feel-good story about how 'Ahmed Mohamed' became the latest mainstream media frenzy story After 14 year old Mohamed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school to impress his teachers. The frenzy and distraction became so intense even Obama jumped in on the act endorsing the story with great PR statements.

Here's a couple of things this story provides for the globalist and their new world order plan that you may not have considered but became apparent to me as soon as I hear about it. This story is the perfect distraction from events going on in the Middle East including Syria where world war 3 is slowly developing. Also this story give Obama and other politicians a golden opportunity to chime in and gain popularity with those who agree with them. For politicians warming up their propaganda and persuasion for 2016 it is also a great opportunity to take a position that will hopefully gain them votes.

Ultimately this story about a 14 year old Muslim who got arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school is a meaningless story in comparison to many Americans who have been arrested, beaten and murdered by the police state of America, but you wouldn't know it by reading all the articles put out by mainstream media. Too many Americans are being persecuted by the federal government, harassed with SWAT home invasions and intimidations and no one says a word. Now all of a sudden one boy gets arrested, as many Americans do every day now, for a petty reason and the entire mainstream media including the president chime in to make the boy an overnight star. Notice in the storyline there is no mention of the police state problem and how to overcome that. Instead the story is focused on Mohamed's ethnicity and race and other otherwise meaningless in formation which brings me to the final reason for the story.

It's a perfect situation to bring up race and religion to further divide Americans along race and religious lines. This is how the new world order roles. They are completely in control of every single mainstream media headline news story and they carefully choose which story will make it to the top of the news. Now is not the time (in their minds) to waste a story and they are not going to put effort into a story for no reason. There's always a reason and we are seeing all the reasons for this recent story. Don't be fooled.

Solution For Implementing Solutions
August 04, 2015

Here is an idea for implementing solutions to the problems we face today. Make a list of all the problems then one by one create, that is write down the solutions you can think of to solve that problem. Really think it through. Start somewhere and critique yourself.

Think about it. What if we created an entire society of solutions minded people. Like the rush to invent centuries ago. Think of the excitement that could accompany this solutions environment.

Okay, now that you have your list of problems and potential solutions now share these solutions with a local group to discuss. What? Some problems you don't have a solution for? That's what a group is for. All the more reason to find a local group to discuss solutions. The thing about a group is that it's a good environment to motivate yourself. Also you can set goals and push yourself to keep those goals. In a group setting you will likely receive input even criticism of ideas and sometimes (but not always) this can be good.

So as we can see. Strategizing for how to implement solutions is perhaps the true starting point for implementing solutions. More on this topic soon.

Why Jade Helm Is a Wake Up Call Regardless Of What Happens
July 15, 2015

Regardless of what happens this summer (2015) U.S. military operation should be a major wake up call to all truth seekers and freedom lovers. It should serve as a reminder that the U.S. military IS working for the bad guys whether they realize it or not. The troops may mean well but thanks to a very real and unavoidable phenomenon known as compartmentalization of knowledge, the troops can and will be used for the purposes of the new world order and evil all the while they are told the mission is for a good purpose. This clever fragmenting of knowledge up and down the chain of command allows troops to be fully controlled without them having any clue what is really happening. Once this reality sinks in you'll see clearly that the misguided and indoctrinated U.S. military is another perfect tool for the new world order. But then president Dwight Eisenhower told us just that didn't he? Eisenhower warned of the technocratic scientific dictatorship and its ability to use the military to impose its power and implement global dictatorship. He warned us all of what was being planned and what was coming.

Now operation Jade Helm is here. And no, it's not about guessing what the enemy is doing but about knowing what they are planning long term. Hopefully people everywhere will experience a new awakening as a result of this treasonous operation. The end is here and they are practicing their roles. Believe it, confront the reality of it and prepare your mind body and soul for what the globalist have prepared domestically. We may all love America but unfortunately they hate American and freedom.  

I firmly believe however that the globalist and their U.S. military will fail at whatever they try to do. They will be exposed by their own kind. I believe patriots and brave, well intended heroes will arise from our military and they will help ride this ship in the proper direction Smedley Butler style. People will awaken in a deeper way than ever and the reason is simple. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Let's remember this as Jade Helm officially begins today July 15, 2015. Note to the U.S. military. We will be watching you.

ISIS Show Rolls On- ISIS Caught Using Israeli Made Weapons!
May 22, 2015

There was a time when headlines like this warranted entire articles and reports. Today in 2015 it is common knowledge to see a headline like this and simply carry on. The world has been bombarded with thousands of ISIS stories since the summer of 2014 when the Western mainstream media began their ISIS marketing campaign. Over the last year no single entity has received more media attention and glorification from the Western "big 6" mainstream corporate media controlled by CIA who runs ISIS. So no one should be surprised by this latest installment of the ISIS show.

In this latest installment ISIS is now caught using by Iraqi forces using weapons made by Israel.

Iraqi volunteer forces, known as Hashid Shaabi, discovered Israeli-made weapons at Islamic State (ISIL) positions in the Iraqi province of Anbar on Thursday, according to Al-Mayadeen television, Fars News Agency reported.

This is happening only about a month or two after Iraqi officials captured ISIS terrorist who turned to be "advisors" to Israel and the U.S.. And as we can see, again the ISIS project traces directly back to U.S.-Israel and the NATO western global agenda. We've been saying it all along, asking critical thinkers to put two and two together. ISIS will mysteriously never attack Israel yet dumbed down mainstream media believing Americans are asked to believe that ISIS can travel all the way to Mexico and even the United States to attack Texas, California, New York and other parts of the country. That's only because ISIS is a proven tool for the new world order. They attack all foreign enemies of the U.S./Israel, and then for good measure they magically appear in U.S. cities as the perfect tool to boost the American police state and the push toward martial law.

It really is time for people to wake up and finally lay the ISIS psyop to rest. Free your mind and reject government lies and deception designed to enslave you in fear and submission to tyranny. Realize that this is a replay of 9/11 and ISIS is just like Al Qaeda which was used as a tool to stage 9/11. In the end it's all about pushing the new world order plans forward. Anyone believing the ISIS psyop is now helping push the new world order plans forward.

Patience Required Of Those Awake As Repeated CIA Script Plays Out in Yemen
April 17, 2015

With another wave of staged central Intelligence news being generated in Yemen telling us the Al Qaeda (apparently back on the scene) has conveniently shown up in Yemen, we should all be scratching our heads about this timing. Yemen of course is a nation whose globalist U.S. led regime was overthrown, and as we've seen in the recent past with CIA's ISIS, Al Qaeda is being used conveniently to destabilize a nation that the globalist gangsters want to takeover.

The world is getting yet another front line view on how the globalist terrorist operate and how they conveniently use their terrorist organizations to do their dirty work. Is anyone surprised that Al Qaeda is showing up to support the U.S. cause in Yemen in the same way that ISIS support the U.S./Israeli cause in Syria, Libya, Iraq and throughout the Middle East?

Sadly, even as the western globalist gangster's PNAC plans for the Middle East continue to play itself out repeatedly as if they're reading from the same exact script over and over again, millions of idiotic, dumbed-down, brainwashed, mainstream media TV watching Americans march right along with the same CIA psyop stories believing that Al Qaeda and ISIS are enemies of the U.S.. Sadly this predictable script will continue in the minds of our sad U.S. neighbors until something else gives. The matrix our U.S. mainstream media watching zombies are in is thick and it's relentless.

For those fully awakened to the new world order gangster agenda, we'll have to hang tight and look for another entry point to consciousness to awaken our sleeping zombie neighbors. It is much more likely that our zombie friends will only be awakened by something that directly affects their life, be it a financial crash, food issue, disease, unemployment, or other more personal matter. As for issues like CIA's Al Qaeda/ISIS miraculously showing up in Yemen and taking action that matches the goals of the new world order plans, those of us awakened will have to swallow this pill and watch with horror as the zombies drink the kool aid and accept whatever ridiculous script CIA puts together for them. Patience is indeed a virtue.

17 Assumptions About Vaccines Leading to Path of Forced Vaccination
April 12, 2015

A Senate panel approved a bill that would force parents to vaccinate their children despite their personal objection to vaccination. Despite the unproven, unsafe, toxic laced history of many vaccines legislators are looking to ram forced vaccination on parents in California under the assumption that:

1. Vaccines are safe to humans
2. Vaccines are proven effective
3. Vaccines are proven to be necessary
4. Vaccination does not make the vaccinate contagious
5. Not being vaccinated makes a person somehow incomplete
6. Not being vaccinated somehow spreads disease to those vaccinated
7. Government has the right to undermine parental rights
8. Government and their unproven science knows what's best for you
9. Studies linking vaccines to autism don't exist or are illegitimate
10. The presence of toxic metal thimerosal in many vaccines is "safe" to humans
11. The labels on the vaccines admitting that vaccine safety to humans has not be established is insignificant.
12. There is no better way to be healthy than to vaccinate
13. That vaccine private corporations make billions $ and work together with government is an insignificant link
14. Propaganda and science is acceptable
15. You don't own your own body
16. It is ethical to force a person to vaccinate with consent
17. Forcing an untested vaccine into a person's body is working within the doctors (do no harm) creed.

These are just 17 assumptions that are dead wrong about vaccines. Assumptions pushed by the mainstream media and politicians as they push for their new world order. According to Bill Gates himself vaccines are one of the tools being used to ensure global depopulation. With autism at historic epidemic rates and no one in the mainstream media bringing it up like they do with cancer, there is no reason to believe all of this has been planned.

Now is the time to take a stand against the new world order and the U.S. Empire. Stand up for your rights. Be prepared to change your paradigm. Seek to become self-sufficient. And together let's focus on making government obsolete. Forced vaccination is one of the greatest forms of tyranny. Your body belongs to you alone and no government has a right to force anything into your body. Stand against evil now, for tomorrow you may not have a chance. 

What False Flag Is Brewing For This April?
April 02, 2015

As another April dawns upon us everyone should be aware that every year around April 19th (April 20) big events happen. False flag and/or staged events with political purpose. Every year we mention this and every year something happens. Will you be caught off guard again this year or will you be ready? Will it be a natural disaster? A mass shooting? A politically important event? A scare of some sort? Military aggression on someone? A big stand-down somewhere? Whatever it is this year we'll remind everyone 'I told you so'.

Hopefully the annual staged April 19,20 tradition will finally be exposed and the masses will finally catch on that these events are not coincidental. The event could be within a few days of these dates or as often is the case it comes on one of these days. Look for signs and be ready. Know the enemy. Eyes open!

Chiseling In On Daily Disinformation
March 31, 2015

We are living in historic times of major government propaganda and deliberate disinformation. There are several things everyone should know about this flow of daily disinformation:

1- It's mostly orchestrated by Intelligence. That's right, almost all of the mainstream media narratives are controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which operates as an invisible vampire to the blind sheep who never give the agency a second thought.

2- All daily narratives are designed to support a specific long term agenda. Nothing is random any more. The illusion of randomness itself is one of the grand deceptions of our times. All narratives are like advertising spots in the Super bowl. They are slots taken up by specific clients.

3- Finally, all narratives are intended to keep you asleep in the matrix of lies. The government and the control system can't afford to have you wake up. It's that simple! You wake up and they lose all their power. Why and how? Simple. An awakened person will not give their CONSENT to the powers that be. And the powers that be rule by consent. Once you remove your consent it's game over for the ruling Oligarchs.

Can you see the nature of the information war we are in now? Can you see how important it is to chisel in on their disinformation on a daily bases?

Will Humanity's Freedom Depend on Russia??
March 26, 2015

We've seen the events over the last few years unfold. As the western cabal moves forward with their new world order plan. They carved out their PNAC plans for military domination of the Middle East and the world. They didn't even bother to hide their long term plans. Anyone paying attention figured it out. It was General Wesley Clark who blew the whistle on the "7 countries in 5 years" plan to take over the Middle East. The U.S. and it's NATO allies are now clearly identified as the backbone and blueprint of what many had been calling the "new world order". The plans are clear, the events all fit in perfectly with what they want, the stage is set.

The only glimpse of hope against this anti-human new world order global plan today comes from 2 directions. Individuals coming together and fighting this plan by first raising awareness, then taking mass action. Individuals must get together to create solutions. This is where humanity is at. Many call it the awakening, some call by other names- the Truth Movement, Alternative media, Independent media, the Revolution, the Resistance and other names.

The only other road to hope it seems comes from action being taken at the international level. Yes, the country of Russia (and its allies known as the BRIC countries) may hold the last hope to stop the new world order. The global picture is very complex as humans are intertwined by mixed and competing interests, but in the end all the conflict between the U.S. and Russia may be a reflection of this last hope for humanity. Who would have thought growing up in the U.S. that in 2015 Russia would represent human freedom MORE than the United States?

Only the massively flowing daily LEGALIZED propaganda prevents the average American from seeing this reality. Sadly the propaganda masters and founding fathers chose America as their guinea pig test subject to see how far propaganda can go. And with the success of this propaganda experiment came the success of 95+% crop of GMO food consumption, daily geoengineering of the skies without anyone saying a word, endless war on terror with new fake terror groups created to keep it going, the left-right paradigm which worships the same puppet master, and a mass media controlled by only 6 corporations brainwashing the masses on what to believe.

Sadly, it appears that a strong Russian resistance to the new world order may be the last chance for humanity. I hope this is not the case but there is reason to believe it may be.

Corporate Media Culture of Lies Reflects In Brian Williams Story
February 06, 2015

Now the world officially recognizes that NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams flat out lied about being in the helicopter that was downed by RPG fire in 2003 in Iraq. As reported by

The admission came after crew members on the 159th Aviation Regiment’s Chinook that was hit by two rockets and small arms fire told Stars and Stripes that the NBC anchor was nowhere near that aircraft or two other Chinooks flying in the formation that took fire. Williams arrived in the area about an hour later on another helicopter after the other three had made an emergency landing, the crew members said.

But the real deception here is that not just Brian Williams but the entire mainstream media is willing to admit that Williams is caught lying. In doing this they are implying that everything Williams has said is true and that unless they admit something to being a lie then it must be true. The fact is, that Williams' false tales about going down in a helicopter attacked by RPG fire is just a big a lie as 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, ISIS and many other lies told to us every single day by corporate media. No one concerned about corrupt government, legalized propaganda and CIA takeover of the media should be jumping for joy that Williams is exposed.

Use this as yet another example of how media lies and move on. Unfortunately the problems with corporate media corruption and lies we face today is far deeper than this one lie told by Williams. Let's expose this lie but more importantly let's remind others that the entire mainstream corporate media is bought out and nothing put out by mainstream media is worthy of consideration. They are a proven mouthpiece for the government and are fully controlled by CIA. 

December False Flag Coming Up?
December 10, 2014

It's getting close to mid December and awakened Americans, critical thinkers and truth seekers should all be quietly anticipating another government false flag attack of some kind soon. Although we all hope (and pray) nothing of this sort happens, we also know that the controllers operates on a schedule, predictive programming and cult patterns and rituals.

Just from observation we can say that almost every year we get hit with a distraction event in December, something to strike fear and uncertainty in the general public. From shooting, bombing or near bombing, we've seen a lot of staged events in December. It seems to be that a good way to keep the masses under control is to ruin their holiday spirit and keep them on edge with government fearmongering.

Eyes open. Stay on the lookout especially for engineered natural catastrophe, plane crashes, shootouts, explosions, weird suicides, more war and global false flags to instigate WW3. Very likely the globalist control freaks will be staging something soon so we might as well prepare mentally ahead of time. The sooner we recognize their staged events and false flags, the more people we will reach when exposing them and the more people will wake up to what is happening. What CIA's and Mossad's ISIS will do this month is anyone's guess but in the meantime let's keep sharing with everyone all the evidence that proves ISIS is not an independent terror group acting alone but instead is a product and tool for NATO the U.S., Israel, U.K and its allies. This valuable tool (ISIS) is already helping their partners and friends Israel and U.S. illegally attack Syria. 

Let's do what we can to expose the U.S.-Israel-ISIS terror partnership.

The Ferguson Verdict And What We Can Learn From It
Novemeber 25, 2014

Tonight's verdict to not indict officer Darren Wilson should not come as a surprise to anyone. The control system which uses police to implement its control has a long history of siding with its own kind. Tonight nothing changed. This verdict which once again exonerates the police and reinforces their power over the people, should serve as a reminder to all that America has been hijacked by criminals who wish to see a police state that acts without consequences. We've watched for years as police brutality has gotten out of control and as the corrupt legal system does nothing to stop it.

Instead of expressing anger in a senseless manner let us all focus on the true problem of the police state. Let us remember that everything Hitler did in Germany was technically legal. Brutal dictatorial regimes historically implement their force using the police and this story of officer Wilson murdering an 18 year old unarmed big kid and getting away with it should remind us all that you or I could have been Michael Brown. The days of cops fighting back, using their batons, tasers, mace and other devices to disable attackers are now gone. No longer do police warn you, fire a warning shot or even a gun shot to the leg to disable someone.

Apparently the norm now is to unload your gun on anyone who resists you because cops apparently seem to know that they will be exonerated using "self defense" excuses and claims that the officers are doing what they are trained to do. According to attorneys such as officer Wilson's attorney police are "trained" to execute anyone who messes with them in any way. They are supposed to unload their guns on people IF they can remotely claim that they thought their life was at risk or they were in danger.

Let's not allow the mainstream media and government to spin this issue into a race issue. Let's expose the provocateurs that will try to make the Ferguson ruling into a mayhem in order to justify more militarized police on the people. They want to make it seem like everyone is violent to justify violent police state. This is about dividing the people. Let's fight back by coming together and focus on the common enemy which is the police state and the tyranny and dictatorship America is now under.

America has been officially hijacked and its time to take it back. Help expose Hollywood which glorifies the police state, and the mainstream media which seeks to divide us by race. Let's use this situation to help wake up others to the reality of the state America is in. Resist, be strong, stay together, turn off your TV, educate yourself, pay attention and follow independent alternative media, don't believe the mainstream media, turn off the voices of the politicians like Obama who only lie, open your mind, return to your roots and let your paradigm shift begin now.   

Will Mainstream Media Believers Be The First To Die Off?
October 28, 2014

The end of the world scenario the globalists have been salivating about for so long is finally unfolding, or so it seems. With Ebola engineered by our own government then being allowed to spread in one weird event after another only to see the illegitimate president fumble over what to do and then assigning an "Ebola Czar".  Huh?? What in the world does that mean? The Czar has zero medical experience. Once again proving that Obama is treating everything including Ebola as a political, not a medical issue.  Such is the nature of inhuman tyrants throughout history. No humanity, all politics and all political agendas.

There is nothing bright in the future of those who believe mainstream media news. I believe as most Americans rot in their pacified asleep state of mind and are consumed by the events of our time, they will be the first to die off. Many of the mainstream media believers and those who don't watch news because they distantly believe whatever they hear without any need to investigate or read about a story for themselves, these Americans will walk right into all government traps that are set up for them. Most of these zombies are fully immersed in what is now an end of the world paradigm designed to swallow them up and they will succumb to it as they are succumbing to it now. Many of them are eating daily GMO foods without any awareness that they are slowly killing themselves. Their minds are completely entrapped in mass media and Hollywood/sports hypnosis. This entertainment hypnosis has their brain in captivity entirely useless for any process of logical, independent, astute, and critical thought being applied to current events. This profound lack of insight will do them in as panic sets in from any of many numerous calamities the globalists are concocting for humanity in this end of the world scenario.

Now more than ever is the time to try to wake up the lost minds, the zombies who believe mainstream media and are hopelessly hypnotized for this time if we cannot reach them we may soon need to prepare ourselves to watch them die.

Three Big Things You Can Do To Ensure a Long Healthy Life
October 22, 2014

Here are three simple things you can do to be healthy and resist the medical industrial complex, the FDA, and the government that sprays us every day with chemicals, puts poison in our vaccines and has contaminated almost everything we eat with genetically modified components that go directly into your body and change your body DNA and alter your normal body function for the worse. So how do you fight back?

1. Eat right by eliminating all genetically modified food from your diet. Why eat their poison? The now famous Serillini study which Monsanto tried to diminish the significance of proved scientifically that eating GMO foods will lead to sickness and cancer when taken for a significant portion of your life. Fight back and dump all GMO foods. Take time to learn how to identify GMO foods and support Food Democracy Now in fighting Monsanto to have all GMO foods labeled.

2. Juice every day. Why not? Juicing with powerful nutrients is both easy on your digestive system, and a powerful way to ingest nutrients every day. Not to mention juicing can be very enjoyable. What to put into your juice? I like to put any combinations strawberries, carrots, kale, broccoli, blueberries, bananas, apples, all natural juices and other things. Juicing is a powerful and effective way to get these nutritious items into your body. Strawberries and blueberries can act as detoxifying agents and many of these nutrients have antimicrobial properties and they all turbo boost your immune system, and a healthy and effective immune system is the key to health not western medicine pills.

3. Be positive and focus to have a positive attitude with everything you do the rest of your life. A positive mental attitude has been shown to be a huge part of a healthy life and the greatest determinant of success. We are who we think we are and a positive attitude goes way beyond anything most of us could ever imagine. It shapes mentally who you are and makes all the difference when it comes to handling adversity. A positive mental attitude is something that has to be practiced every day so that it becomes a regular part of who you are.

There it is. No GMO's, juice every day and always have a positive mental attitude. These are 3 simple things that I have implemented in my life and it has made a huge difference in my physical and mental health. This physical and mental health and happiness is critically important when you are involved in confronting corruption, evil and the new world order in any way. If you are an activist or are regularly engaged trying to expose government and corruption you must be healthy both physically and mentally.

Remember, it's your life, why not enjoy it to the max?

Is This the Beginning of the End of the World?
October 16, 2014

Simple question, is this the end of the world as we know it? This question no doubt has been asked many times throughout history but have past generations dealt with the amount of apocalyptic situations that our current generation is dealing with now? It's hard to imagine and my opinion is that we may very well be facing a genuine end of the world scenario. This site is dedicated to exposing and sharing truth about how government controls reality and more than any other factor, has dictated events of the last 100 years and a lot longer. This top-down government control of global events model is actually quite simple and not complex, lunatic and ridiculous as the control system would have you think.

Think about how our control system including mainstream media, Hollywood and our politicians often suggest that anyone who claims government is guiding or dictating the end result of global events is a conspiracy theorist. The great deception here is that government controlling global events is the most likely and the most simplest scenario, especially given that history proves that is exactly what governments do. This taking of simple and most likely scenarios and painting them out to be wild conspiracies is one of the deepest psychological operations of humanity. To understand the nature of where we stand today and how close we are to mass extinction one must see and understand the mind of the control system, understand the information they specifically put and understand the context and purpose of the information they put out. When you finally settle the basics of government mind control and the maintaining of power then you can fast forward boldly to visualize where exactly we are headed as a species and from the looks of things, it won't be very long now.

More on the analysis of our end of the world scenario coming soon.

ISIS Now Air Strike Resistant! ISIS Psyop Spinning Off in Weird Direction?
October 08, 2014

ISIS is now air strike resistant according to a Time Magazine website article. TIME, one of the premiere mouthpieces of the new world order jumped on the ISIS psyop with the help of Rebecca Collard in Beirut. Rebecca will have you know that ISIS is giving the world's most powerful military force a run for their money in the town of Kobani. Rebecca would have you know that it's U.S. Military powerhouse versus moron with hidden faces who "stole" U.S. military gear, enough gear to fight back against the U.S. like a power nation.

With every day this week we've been hearing the ISIS psyop spin off in a new direction. We can expect more from this ISIS theater as the globalist need to prolong this fake war as long as possible until they can illegally wedge themselves permanently INSIDE of Syria a once powerful, free sovereign nation, now under attack by the most ruthless global gangsters as planned and outlined by General Wesley Clark over a decade ago.  The slow motion invasion of Syria will far surpass the war crimes committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Help warn others of this global agenda now eating away at humanity.

3 Simple Ways To Stay Sane In Face Of Expanding Global Govt
October 05, 2014

Given the events and developments around the world and how fast the globalist are moving in their attempt to control humanity forever, here are a few things that you can do to stay sane, stay motivated, stay happy and focused, and most importantly be prepared.

Anyone awakened to the issues covered on this site knows that exposing the new world order is not easy. As is stated in the banner at the top of this site, we all are leading the way to a new consciousness. A new consciousness we all hope leads humanity in the right direction. By "new consciousness" we mean a full breakaway from the old zeitgeist. A full breakaway from mainstream media news and the dangerous and poisonous Western media propaganda which is infecting humanity now. So many people, especially Americans are living in an alternate reality which is being controlled by mainstream media, TV and Hollywood.

So back to our world, here are 3 things we can do to come above the dangerous waters of our end times.

1. Practice and enjoy a creative hobby:

Give your mind a chance to grow and be creative. This creative mode will improve your overall health. Also being creative helps detach you from outside interferences, distractions and even psychological spells which is what TV is. Being creative is healthy for your brain, your sense of personal development, and thus your confidence and sense of satisfaction. So as you see the world getting worse, you will continuously find comfort and entertainment in doing that thing you love to do. Don't have a favorite hobby? Think hard, what is it that you love doing? Find a good satisfying hobby. For me it's playing live music, for others it's sewing, building something, or maybe sports. The more you engage your brain the better for you and your personal mental development.

2. Stay informed:

There is nothing worse than not knowing. We've all heard the saying, knowledge is power. Staying on top of what is happening is a great way of setting yourself up to be ready. Tell yourself no matter how bad things get, at least you'll be informed and ready. With today's alarming levels of propaganda being put out by mainstream media news it is as difficult as it ever has been to know what is truth and what is lie if you are not informed. Mainstream media has resorted to what I have compared to in the past as 'Gotham City' levels of trash surreal propaganda. Look for patterns in media. Also keep an eye on so called alternative media. Carefully examine every story. We all know 6 corporations all pushing Zionism and the new world order, own the mainstream media but how do we know which sites are for humanity and which are for the new world order? Being informed helps you answer these questions. Once you understand the grand plan then watch news events through the lens of these stated plans and developments you will see why all the evidence and coincidences always seem to point in one direction. Hint.

3. Stay healthy and in shape:

No one wants to succumb to "Ebola" or any other natural or engineered government virus. Eating healthy and choosing a healthy lifestyle is a great way to fight back against the control system. Make that choice now. It's your body and mind that you are looking out for and you deserve it. So many people especially in America are in a nutritional hypnosis. That is, they are eating everything you shouldn't eat if you want to be healthy and at the same time they wonder why they always get sick. So many Americans are consuming high levels of sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup which is found in almost every drink, and they are consuming lots of genetically modified foods (GMO) without considering the consequences (see Serillini study).

Add to that, all the food that Americans eat that are bad for your heart and cardiovascular system or that are linked to diabetes and other diseases. Sadly most Americans are disconnected from their food and don't realize there are poisons all around us that will interfere with good health. This is exactly what the globalist want. They want everyone sick and pumping money into their medical system.

Fight back against the new world order and be healthy. This is one thing you can actually consciously do every day to fight back. Isn't this a fun way to fight back against global tyranny. Okay maybe not for all but there are a lot of ways of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle in ways that are not painful and in ways the can be satisfying. Make this a goal for yourself.

Simple steps like these are sometimes all you can do fight back and that's okay. You have to do whatever you can within your means. This is one of the great things about being alive, being human, and being awakened. We can share solutions with one another and see what works and what fits your personality and lifestyle.

Sitting Here In Awe of Propaganda
September 29, 2014

Anyone awake to the globalist long term plans and their daily real-time steps being taken to bring about their plans is in awe. I recently wrote an article entitled 'World Buzzing in Aftermath of ISIS Psyop' where I spoke of how people all around the world including Iraq are wondering what will the globalist do next. They (we) are all wondering what in the world can stop them, and will they ever be brought down. Enough is happening to leave anyone paying attention in awe and bewilderment. Such is the nature of this now highly intense psychological war against truth and reason. Try to see all event happening from this point of view. And try to see how simplifying life to basic principle known to mankind offers many answers and solutions. The basic principles we are talking about are the basic principles of good versus evil, hope versus despair, freedom versus slavery, compassion versus war, selflessness versus selfishness, and love versus hate.

I will keep exploring this fascinating topic which gets increasingly interesting as humanity continues to awaken.

The Battle Ground Is Becoming Crystal Clear: It's Humanity Versus Government
August 07, 2014

No, don't go for any media or government propaganda. The blue pill is being exposed. That's right, it's the matrix all around you. It's the prison you were born into. Don't want to use analogies from a movie? Then face the reality that many people have come to grips with and are realizing every day with every government lie and false flag that gets exposed. It's the fact that these control freaks who work for government want to keep you in slavery. They want to pass as many laws as possible so that you are guilty of breaking one of them and they can give themselves power over you. It's the debt that they need you to bury yourself in so that they can give themselves power over you and your ability to feed yourself.

With more and more cities looking to make homelessness illegal, we must now face the most significant threat to your personal experience on this earth. Yes I'm talking about you , the individual person. You are included in a group called humanity. No one should ever think that the oppression we are under by the slave owners is directed at any one of us. No way! Governments do not seek to enslave just one person, one class or only one set of criminals. They've got the criminals in their for-profit prisons. They had them all along. The prize for greedy psychopathic government has always been to come after all of humanity, to enslave and oppress it in any way possible. This is the category you and I are in. We are humanity and if you feel the pressure from government, if you see what is happening all over the world then you are experiencing the reality of your enslavement. There is no other way to cut this issue. Governments are supposed to exist in theory to keep order and civilization, but the reality is that the order and civilization is leaving us, and with government false flags at an all-time high no one is safe any longer. The long arm of U.S. government, the new world order globalist terrorists, their military forces and their black operations organizations like CIA, and their terrorist creations and partners like ISIS and Al Qaeda reach deep into every country now and determined to oppress all of humanity.

So with civilization passing us by and the fear of government terror all around us, it is time to come to grips with the fact that government is the terrorist and we have every obligation to protect ourselves from the terrorist control freaks. Start by turning off their voice and fighting back in every way to expose their crimes. Let's all think of ways to turn this fight around on them. We have a law of the land that makes America special. We have our U.S. Constitution and the rules of this document are clear and unambiguous. But before we move forward let us realize who the enemy is and try to see the bigger picture. A picture that shows that humanity and its entire existence is under attack by the concept of government. The same government that wanted you to think that it was saving you. This paradigm (of Humanity versus Government) is the most important paradigm for everyone to understand. You cannot enter a battle unless you know who you are fighting.

The Silence on Israeli War Crimes Now Deafening!
July 20, 2014

The days and weeks go by as the images of dead children fill the internet. Families devastated, civilian men women and children murdered in cold blood in an act the Israeli government would have you think is "self defense". Making things even more difficult and agonizing is the propaganda put out by Israel as they ignore the consequences of war crimes and even worse the silence from the U.S. mainstream western media. Channel after channel and network after network, the U.S. mainstream media ignores the war crimes and atrocities being committed in Gaza and continue to beat to the drums of the Zionist terrorist who hate and oppress others who are not like them.

Additionally, Jews all over the world who have nothing to do this these crimes are forced to acknowledge what the world knew all along, and that is that Zionism is a political oppressive entity. They are not about being Jewish, observing the Torah, being a good person or "saving" the Jews. This political deception all along was about pushing forward with the globalist new world order plan.

This Zionist oppression on humanity is now uncovered and full view for the world to see. No longer can Zionists hide under the cover of "Jews" or "we are gods people". These lies and deception are now in full exposure and we (humanity) will judge the Zionist lies and deceit for what it has done to humanity.

It is now up to courageous men and women all over the world to stand up to the Zionist deception hiding behind the new world order plan. Jews all over the world are waking up to this massive deception and it is up to the brave people of Israel to take their country back. It is up to the people of the world to help this happen and to help restore peace and dignity in Palestine and to help the dying broken families in Palestine.

It is time for us to realize that original goal and intention of the United Nations is not what we were led to think. Love and peace must conquer evil in this hour of darkness!

False flag alert: Another Malaysian plane down.
July 17, 2014

Here we go again. Another false flag. Mainstream media now reporting to us that another Malaysian plane (MH17) was shot at and blown out of the sky over Ukraine. The U.S., CIA, Israel and western media desperately looking to link this back to "Pro-Russian separatists" as they continue to beat the drums for WW3. It is also notable that the story comes at a time when all focus is on the war crimes being perpetrated by Israeli forces in Gaza. It's a perfect time to reflect back to recent (MH370) history when the U.S. covered up the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370, lied about the intentional take over of the plane and after a few weeks read pre-scripted tales to the western mainstream media about how they would continue searching for the plane in the Indian ocean, a search that Captain Mike Mathews said could "take years". In my summary of the MH370 false flag I reminded viewers that this plane disappearance was just another 9/11 takeover (very likely hijacking) of a plane for political purposes and we have no reason to believe anything the U.S. military tells the general public. How ironic is it that an exact replica of the MH370 jet was reported in Tel Aviv Israel? Is this another false flag to get everyone's attention away from Gaza carnage? Or another attempt to trigger world war 3?

Let's not forget the recent highly unusual Dick Cheney TV appearance (yes the war criminal is still free) where he eerily suggested a plane could be used for terror. Let's not be fooled by any western mainstream media political coverage of anything since these people are pushing for the purging of most of humanity and the ushering in of their new world order. Stay vigilant at all times.

The Importance of Finding New Ways to Contain the Control System
July 10, 2014

We all see the oppression humanity is in right now. Government working with private corporations to control all human activity. More than ever it is important to find new ways to free yourself from the control grid. Not to create anarchy (which is what they would want) or chaos, but to intellectually and calmly find clever, fun and new ways to say no to the new world order our politicians are pushing for.

It is undeniable that they are arming themselves heavily against the people and that history repeats itself. Therefore we must take this threat from government very serious and purpose to be the change we want to see in the world. We (humanity) are all being tested and we must all answer the call in one way or another. Each and every one of us can find new ways to make government illegal surveillance just a bit more difficult. We can all say no to GMO foods and to the attempted global takeover of our local communities by policies that reflect the interest of the United Nation's Agenda 21 and climate policies that are rooted in Al Gore's global warming lies.

This was all along about control of all human behavior. So I warn all those that consider themselves "climate change" activists and please educate yourself on the basic science that proves that the sun, not CO2 primarily accounts for warming of our planet. If you find it difficult to detach yourself from United Nation's and I.P.C.C's global warming lies then at least join us in the effort to expose the geoengineering of our planet now in the name of global warming. The corruption rolls on from every angle as the globalists attempt to control every aspect of humanity.

In response to this repetition of history let us learn from the past and look to ourselves and to our higher power for help and guidance from the evil we now face. Let us act in wisdom and conviction and let us stay focused on finding new ways of making this world a better place for the young ones who never tasted any form of freedom, and thus containing the control system.

Is The NON-Conspiracy Theory Deception At All Time High?
June 26, 2014

With mainstream media and government now targeting anyone who opposes the new world order agenda and demonizing them as "conspiracy theorists", that leaves the so called NON-conspiracy theorists standing alone as the defenders of the new world order plans. Naturally they are not aware of their role in this now end-game scenario. And yes, you better believe there is an end game scenario in play right now. More than ever, the controlled establishment is making up lies and propaganda to demonize anyone who questions the out of control criminal agenda being pushed at government level unfortunately by many people who otherwise mean well and are unaware of the bigger picture. As we can all see, this is all about the end game scenario. The globalists need the following to secure unchallenged control of the entire human race:

They need to continue aggressions against countries that don't want to be a part of this system. They need to depopulate the world and control all natural resources so that they can monopolize water and food. In order to do this, they have to control the weather. This is why so many activists continue to expose their global sky spraying programs where they are dumping nano-sized metal particles on a daily bases and blaming the ordinary burning of jet fuel for even the massive chem-bombs we seeing very high up with the feathery inexplicable clouds. With control of the planet, it's resources and the weather, they only need to then control the people with mass surveillance, intimidation, imprisonment, and extermination through killer drowns and swat team no-knock raids.

For those who understand what is happening, stay strong and remember there is strength in numbers, there is strength in unity and there is strength in truth.

Fathers Day Weekend Is A Good Time To Remind Others of the Common Core Educational System Scam
June 14, 2014

Fathers day is this weekend yet millions of Americans have no idea of the core curriculum and ideology hiding inside of the Common Core educational agenda which has been indirectly imposed on the educational system by government through private funding. Common core is a radical ideology to strip young children of common family values and moral principles and to condition children to believe that the state is god, homosexuality is normal and to discourage individual critical thinking.

Mainstream Media Betrayal of America and Freedom Continues
June 11, 2014

The mainstream media continues to demonize lovers of America, freedom and the Constitution. Spread the word about this historic unprecedented propaganda campaign by the U.S. mainstream media. Many people point to this desperation and urgency on the part of what I call the PRO- new world order media, as a sign that something big is going to happen. Let us not be fooled by anything these pro-new world order terrorists are doing. Don't ever let the issue become any more complicated than this. As I mentioned in my latest article to all sports fans this freedom thing is clear. You are either for the new world order or you are for freedom, America and the individual. At the heart of fascism is collectivism. We are seeing a full display of fascism and collectivism in the United States now. Challenge members of the mainstream media and confront their betrayal of America.

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