Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is best explained by the researchers who have been studying this for many years. Researcher and journalist Andrew Breitbart had so much knowledge of this modern day Cultural Marxism and how former illegitimate president Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) and others like Hillary Clinton were using these tactics to destroy America that it cost him his life. Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto Dr. Jordan Peterson also has incredible work detailing exactly how this Cultural Marxist agenda operating in "the skin" of what Peterson calls 'Post Modernism' and 'Multiculturalism' has become the primary weapon used by the Globalist-Communists to destroy America.

The destruction of America was very carefully planned by these Communists at least since the creation of the Frankfurt School in Germany. These Communists set out to "de-Westernize" America of all conservative Christian values and the free market. The goal was to destroy the sense of nationalism, conservatism and even the free market by calling it "Capitalism". The end result is a new world order where the powerful global elite who implemented this agenda have absolute power over the masses which are all helpless poverty-stricken peasants fully dependent on government for their survival. Under this scenario the ruling elite can decrease the population of the planet and ensure their domination over humanity forever. For this reason religions, cultures, nation states and of course the individual must all be stopped by pitting everyone against each other. This explains today's Liberal Left agenda to make everything about identity politics pitting people against each other based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, economic and political class. Below are important videos that delve into this topic more thoroughly.