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Disclaimer: This web page was created during the time of 2012-2013 and items here may reflect stories, shows, movies and stats of that time. It is obvious today (Trump Era) that Hollywood is one big cesspool of corruption which operates at the service of the Globalist Elite to spread their enemy propaganda, anti-nationalism, anti-conservatism and Cultural Marxism.

Entertainment junk

Why do the globalist use Hollywood celebrities to push their agenda?

Understanding the psychological aspects and the Halo Effect

The Lone Gunmen predicts 9-11!

Creepy premiere episode outlines 9/11 plans in details

Hollywood CIA

Hollywood Films Secretly Dictated By The CIA

Propaganda film 'Zero Dark Thirty' directed by Kathryn Bigelow exposed as a CIA job

Operation Hollywood

Exposing the history of the Hollywood-Military collaboration and propaganda

Exposing the reality of U.S. Military propaganda infiltrating Hollywood movies to deceive the masses into joining the military and approving illegal wars

Television mind control

TV = Mind Control

This video shows the depth of deception, conditioning and mind control that Hollywood employs to keep the masses desensitized and hypnotized into obedient sheep.

Zero Dark Thirty

Globalist Hollywood Puppets Take Historic Egg On Face

Article discusses Hollywood's attempt to endorse Pentagon lies about Bin Laden death hoax

ObamaCare TV Plots

TV Networks Will Be Asked to Boost ObamaCare In Plots of Their Top Shows!

This clearly demonstrates how the state is now using Hollywood as a tool to push their propaganda


Jay-Z Fully Exposed As Illuminati Lover

Wrapped Up in "Satanism" Fantasies!

Sports hypnosis

Is Sports The Greatest Hypnotic Distraction to the Second American Revolution?

Article discusses how sports may be the greatest tool for mass distraction yet

Fix is in

The Fix Is In

The fixing of pro sports games is discussed with author Brian Tuohy

Hollywood TV Shows Related


1. 99 percent of all households in the United States of America own at least one television set.

2. There are, on an average, about 2.2 television sets in an American household

3. In the U.S. 66 percent of US homes have three or more TV sets.

4. 66 percent of Americans watch television while having dinner.

5. On an average, the television is on for about 6 hours and 47 minutes per day in an American household.

6. Americans watch 250 billion hours of television a year.

7. 56 percent of Americans pay for cable television

8. On average 6 million videos are rented out daily in America.

9. In America 3 million public library movies are checked out daily

10. In 2004, the U.S. advertising industry spent $12 billion on commercials targeting children

11. 71 percent of children over the age of 8 have a TV in their bedroom

12. The average 8 year old child watches 4.5 hours of TV per day on average.

40 Percent of Babies Watch TV, UW Study Finds!

Baby wants a bottle, and her TV.

Babies are glued to television sets these days, with 40 percent of 3-month- olds and 90 percent of 2-year-olds regularly watching TV, according to a University of Washington study released Monday.

These tiny viewers are further proof that baby TV is a booming business in 2007. Today, infants have their own 24-hour network, Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein DVDs, and a growing list of other programs made just for them. Many also have sets in their bedrooms.

"Most of these kids are watching what parents consider to be quote, unquote 'educational TV,' " said Dr. Dimitri Christakis, co-author of the study and associate professor at the UW. "There is not evidence at all that it is."

Scientists have themselves partly to blame, Christakis added, because they convinced parents that the first years are critical for a baby's brain, which triples in size by age 2. In fact, the most common reason parents offered researchers for their child's time before the tube was that they believed it was educational.

Researchers don't yet have a crystal clear picture of how bad, or good, television is for infants, though UW researchers say evidence suggests it's harmful.


Many shows present the police state to the viewers in a light-hearted way; A prime tactic of deception employed by Hollywood producers to get people to accept police

"it ("24") makes people look at what we're dealing with ...America wants the war on terror fought by Jack Bauer, he's a Patriot... the show obviously plays off the anxieties that have beset the country since September 11th and it sends a political message"

JOEL SURNOW-Producer of 24 sharing his twisted logic on what defines patriotism in America

century of self

Some facts about 24

1. This show launched in November 6th 2001 RIGHT after 9/11 Falseflag Operation

2. Episodes for first season were shot well before 9/11 predicting the exact same scenario in Afghanistan

3. Producer Joel Surnow is a pal of the Bush administration and a proponent of Neocon ideology

4. Joel is said to have been invited to dinner by the Bush Administration as a thank you for pushing their agenda

5. No show has pushed the Neocon anti-Islamic phony "war on terror" and ultimately the P.N.A.C agenda like 24, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 false flag.

Here's to 2 pals!

Joel Surnow- Neocon and producer of 24

Mr. war crimes himself still free

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