Health & Happiness

Health & Happiness

Contrary to what the ruling elite who want to enslave you would have you think, true happiness does not come from working overtime in a job, getting lots of degrees or even having a lot of money. True happiness does not or should not come either from buying things or being accepted into society because you are so good at following the social rules engineered by the controllers. Fitting into the social network engineered by the control system is part of a long term experiment where those in control have taken advantage of the need people have to feel accepted. As a result of mass deception engineered by the controllers the individual is pressured into agreeing with the masses in order to feel accepted. The system then tells you what to believe via their mass media and entertainment apparatuses.

This is a blueprint for enslavement and thus many people don't realize what it's like to be mentally free because they are mentally enslaved and cannot realize the truth about the world around them or their own potential as human beings. Happiness ultimately comes from within and is directly connected to living in truth and reason not by living in an artificial world which constantly requires blocking thoughts that don't agree with your paradigm.

This page is dedicated to the expression of truth and happiness as it relates to your physical, spiritual and mental health. Since waking up to the plans of the globalists and their new world order I have lived an incredibly fulfilling life. When you are fully awake, you cherish every single day as though it were your last. That alone has a mind altering effect and a positive effect on your emotions and entire being. Only then can one truly understand the notion of thriving. Unfortunately, for many TV watching and mainstream media believing junkies, their version of "thriving" is when they root for their favorite team, watch their favorite TV show, go to a movie, play video games or go out shopping. Not that in and of itself there is anything wrong with enjoying a favorite pastime, but with many people these pastimes are the essence of their lives. This sad state of living without any real purpose is unfortunately the norm for many people today and many have completely forgotten who they are and have no strong beliefs in anything in order to care.

Rediscover yourself by getting in touch with the inner you. In order to do that you must turn off mainstream media which is one of the very first steps in the waking up process. The waking up process can be a long one. First there is that initial realization that things are not the way you were told, but then there is the rest of the journey as you grow and learn every day for the rest of your life. You soon realize that you might as well enjoy the journey since it is your life after all. That's where staying healthy comes into play. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Hopefully this page will help you pick up a few ideas on how to become and stay healthy in all these ways.

Three Areas Where Animals Are Used for Healing and Relief
Alternative medicine has not always been popular in the modern world. The invention of medicines such as penicillin ushered the world into the field of pills, syrups, and injections as the primary and trusted ways of dealing with medical conditions. However, there has been an awakening to alternative methods whose use started way before modern medicine was invented. Cures such as yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, and animal-assisted therapy have begun to gain popularity. That is because... read more.

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10 Ideas To Help You Find Mental Health
Focus on your attitude: Purpose to having a great day every day
Be mindful of your perspective- Look for the good in everything
Resiliance and strength is always important- Stay strong throughout all challenges
Practice self control: Meditation, prayer and focusing your mind brings tranquility
See and feel yourself through other people's eyes and other people's feelings
Act in the context of the bigger picture not your own narrowed views
Always seek knowledge so you can understand something for yourself
When confronted with a problem ask yourself- how can this be resolved peacefully?
Respect everyone you come in contact with as you would want them to respect you
Remember to have fun. It's your life after all. Enjoy the journey.

The rulers want you sick on pills!

Aldous Huxley

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