Simultaneous energies I see
Conflicting paradigms, opposite forces clash this century

Some awake, many not, as the new world order unfolds
Torture, war and the death of many are told

Spray painted skies, toxic world became the norm
Record sickness, deaths and damaged babies are born

Government mind control, mass propaganda as had been predicted
Bernays was right, mass media was the weapon ensuring freedom restricted

Wise men and women labeled terrorists and lunatics by the system of control
Stupidity and ignorance glorified, pushing aside those that are wise and bold

It's life in the 21st century, see it for yourself, from ocean to ocean
Depopulation, globalization, elite conspiracies all set in motion

Those that are enlightened see solutions on the rise
As the watch the paradigm fade away into the night skies

A new day is coming, you can see it in their eyes
As the zombies reason, they circle in their logic to no surprise

The time is coming, it's time to change your ways
Look around you my friend, the ending on display

Life in the 21st century, is really something to see
Come hold it in your hand, don't let this moment flee

History is truly upon us, can you look ahead and behold
This moment is a signature, of all the history that will be told


I've learned to believe in humanity above anyone else
The wicked men in charge will continue with or without help

It's written somewhere in the rules of life that folly never ends
In theory, I reason to myself, their presence no pretend

Everyday I see what's good and graceful ignoring their effect
But I don't ignore their actions fearing worse things will erect

There is a value to truth and that I see, but a price to pay as well
If you pick it up, pursue it with passion, and hopefully live to tell

I watch truth sting humanity, causing turmoil in the minds of men
Until it comes around, fulfills its purpose and purges those within

I've learned to believe in humanity I said it once and for all
I've seen enough, I know what's good, and what I see is nothing small


This is the moment of pain that I must face
When pain is present within me in a way I can't erase

I call out for help but no one can hear
These moments of agony seem too near

I will wait for my salvation from the things I always fight
Recognizing it's the battle that gives us our might

The will to fight on and stand for truth justice and reason
Is the goal that gives me strength as we pass through the seasons

Be true to yourself and handle every day one at a time
When this story concludes things will be clear and we will shine


The days go by and ISIS becomes stronger
All feeling so surreal, the lie grows longer

They started out with nothing except internet connection
Then they were given many things, no small reflection

Now they even have an Air Force, planes, tanks and high tech gear
A gift from the west, as they play name-games hoping nothings clear

Understand the true forces behind their war on terror
Such is the nature of the of their endless human error

ISIS is a concept put together by global forces
To feed their new world order plans riding in like wild horses

Reject it now before the psyop gets bolder
Behold the truth, watch the story get older

Clear your mind from the fog let the zombies believe what they want
Your mind is precious and gets nurtured by things with no stunt

Purge the lies from your life let your spirit experience gladness
That can only come from truth, sincerity, hope and kindness

I'll leave it at this, I have seen enough of their evil
An empires lies and the struggle for survival

All comes to this as I wrap my honest words
The ISIS tales will live on beyond the stories that you've heard


I look around and the future looks thin
Because we've allowed the globalist to win

The minds driven by greed, we represent good
Its up to us to act, in the manner as we should

Letting nature take its course we open up nothing concealed
To see the road we are on and our destiny revealed

May I recover from the state I've reached
To learn my lessons in a way that I can teach

So that I can be a guiding light
To everyone involved in the fight

Inspired by some of the recent global news being engineered by western mainstream media which has been chasing down the trail of humanity on behalf of it's globalist masters in an effort to depopulate, enslave and destroy it. The song is intended to awaken others of the direction humanity may be in unless we change coarse soon. Don't let the globalist win and warn others of the dangers of believing mainstream media news and everything they say as true even though mainstream media is controlled by CIA. Oppressive governments are a scary thing so there is no way of coloring this topic up. This song in particular focuses on the Ebola engineered scare and the ISIS psychological operation talked about so often on this site. These two operations alone have the potential to be used by government to kill many.


These are the lyrics to a new song by Bernie Suarez titled 'End of The World', coming soon

The end of the world is upon us
The bodies and pearls stacked before us

Nobody responds to the calling
The empty streets tell the story

Ebola, took everyone away
Responding to the games that they play

And Isis was introduced to stay
We told them, it was a psyop all the way

We warned them, on Truth and Art TV
We told them, the mainstream media will deceive

We hold their, memories deep within our hearts
Reality and fiction, the simply couldn't tell apart

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Itís a blue sky day in New York City but not for long I awake to news of the event, the world would never be the same ĎWhat is the cost of a life?í someone asked one day, as they pondered personal gain;

Fires, explosions, falling bodies and white smoke filled faces A day of fear, calamity and confusion; donít you see?
A day we didnít ask for; one that offers a keyhole to the door, the door to reality!

How this could be, I asked many times; got no time for conspiracies Someone, point me to something I can rely on; pass me a light for I will soon be tested Tested on what I believe in, what is truth, what matters and what weíre willing to do about it.

9-11, my door to reality; a reality I didnít know was out there. Itís all around us, the simple truth; no experience necessary
Give it a try, less is more, up is up, down is down; the rest is elementary

Science, reproducibility, transparency and sincerity all on our side
The parts that define this moment will pave the way, let truth abide

10 years later itís still hard to believe; how anyone would approve a plan so cruel
First Responders, bystanders alike, all engulfed in their flames and fully smitten
One by one their memories fade into the night, another chapter in our reality written

Without 9-11 Iím still on the other side, not knowing what is true, not questioning or wondering why?
Open your mind, reality awaits; a game with no guarantees, except for how to lose
With science, natures rules, good will, sincerity and above all, Love, on our side we must push the machine
Force the issue, expose all of its lies and start over; the day of reckoning is ahead and can be seen

Come back to your basic principles, observe and listen to what the scientist and witnesses have said
Listen to the architects and engineers, the unbiased voices; the experts have spoken loud and clear
My door to reality started right here and for that I am grateful; ten years later critical mass is almost here

A moment of silence in remembrance of those whose lives were sacrificed to go along with the script
The script that they prepared that goes like this: kill, destroy evidence, deny; yes just like this.
9-11 my door to reality; the reality that a bigger agenda was in place, a prospect they can no longer dismiss

Let us have the courage to fight this battle, To apply the knowledge, the wisdom and the justice to see this through
Let us not be discouraged, letís fight and stand behind truth so help us god, both for me and for you


Humanity stands up to the Machines Looking to hold on to what is ours A fight to the finish Feel the tension, the rush, the Power

This moment we hold dear
We focus our thoughts on the Solution
As we progress, it becomes so clear
The transformations of our minds, the enlightening outcome of our Revolution

Reach out your hand if you believe we can be Free
Donít let the narrative fool you; the momentís here, canít you see?

Humanity stands up to the machines
The machines that work day and night to destroy who we are
May the motors of profit and war cease to rune like a broken car

Reminding us that in the end, as we strive to help others See
Itís the power of love, not the love of power that will ensure our Victory

Oh humanity youíve been so good to me
Donít let me go, I can still feel, I can still see

For what is human nature without love for itself, without hope?
What is human nature without compassion and forgiveness? Do you really wanna know?

Can a corporate or government entity look humanity in the eye?
Will they enslave us forever? Or will humanity rise?

Humanity stands up to the machines;
With the power of love they say all things are possible
Be the change you want to see, and watch the process of something unbreakable!

Our road to happiness, freedom and human rights this moment is impeded
Coming together with our spirit, mind and will as one, however, is all that is needed

This passage was written following the May 1st 2011 Bin Laden death hoax:

'Let the power of god/universe be with me all the days of my life. Let me NOT succumb to the forces around me that seek to steal my mind and believe lies. A World where anything goes, where they speak the words and it BECOMES true. Deliver me I pray from a world so phony governed by a system that seeks to dehumanize us into corporate puppets. Thank god for the freedom I enjoy, the sovereignty that no government can take away. The ability to criticize things and uphold proven standards of science and reason and objectively reject propaganda. In this early part of the future Orwellian society that lies before us, may I have the strength and the courage to educate those that are blind and open their minds. I hope for a brighter tomorrow but I'm not sure things will not get much worse before they get better!'


The future is NOW, this is what I SAY
Don't waste another minute, don't wait to PLAY

Stand up for what you believe in, don't delay don't HESITATE
Complacency, the enemy that makes you want to just WAIT

Entertainment, fun and games I know very WELL
But the moment now is serious can't you TELL

They will occupy the White House as they did BEFORE
Overdosed with the puppets Bush, Obama, Clinton even Al GORE

Broken economy, bankrupt families and an unprovoked WAR
Legislated morality, corporate greed, drunken Wall Street to mention MORE

10+ years of humiliation with bad seeds in charge HURTS
I can't stand to see any more of this, things are only getting WORSE

I can count with one hand, the things that I hold DEAR
As the days go by, and the future becomes CLEAR

Change the path we are on, let destiny have it's WAY
Flip the page of this history book, the future is TODAY!

The future is NOW is the theme of this POEM
No more time for talk, let's go out and just SHOW EM!


As the flocks walk blindly, in the NIGHT Never knowing where they stand, or who to FIGHT

An enemy not seen, so few, so HIDDEN Manipulating the masses, all mentally SMITTEN

Their path disrupted, by the simple open TRUTH Don't kill the messengers, one cried enjoying her YOUTH

Watching more jump in they realized, it's not so BAD The numbers changed, no need to go MAD

The story is told, in many different WAYS How truth prevailed, in the latter DAYS

advancing media chemtrails