1. Get involved in the voting process. Support organizations committed to election process reform. One of the problems we have is that the little person is not represented. This has to do with the State level representation structure. Recommended is a project called the Neighborhood Legislature. Visit and find out how you can be involved in a process that will return power back to the people.

2. Also highly recommended is visiting the 10th Amendment Center website and see how you can get involved at the local level to take back the power


1. First off, realize that propaganda was made legal in the United States by the Obama administration. The end result is the mainstream media of today which is nothing less than enemy propaganda or as president Trump calls it "fake news".

2. Say no to your cable company and turn off your TV once and for all. Find new forms of entertainment that doesn't involve vegetating in front of a TV box all day long. Turning off mainstream media news and propaganda is one of the most powerful tools you have to clear your mind and begin thinking on your own.

3. Do your part to expose the mainstream platforms and the individual writers of articles and individual TV pundits that regurgitate lies to deceive the general public and advance the globalist agenda. Exposing the individuals is sometimes more effective than trying to expose an entire logo or news media brand name.

4. Monitor and counter the arguments presented by controlled mainstream media news in real-time to expose their lies early on, before their stories spread to the general public unchecked. Expose the media for not doing their job and ask the tough questions they are afraid to answer.

5. A clause in the 2012 NDAA allowed propaganda to be legally used in the U.S.. Do your part to help make people aware of this and let's push the Trump administration to reverse this in order to restore the roll media was intended for and that is to hold politicians accountable.

6. Support alternative media and media that supports America, the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.


1. Find alternative solutions to using Google (also Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL) for your email and search engine use. Here is one alternative for search engine use.

2. Consider getting rid of your smart phone.

3. Don't rely on your smart phone for practical items such as flash light, camera, video camera or sound recorder. Downloading these apps often come at the expense of your privacy.

4. Disable all applications on your phone that you don't need. Read the terms and conditions for apps that you want to use carefully. Often without realizing, many people agree to give up their private information in exchange for use of these applications.

5. Here are some cell phone apps you can install to protect your privacy.

6. Don't be afraid to over-use "suspicious" phrases to disempower their meaning. Mix the context of things you say to account for humor and emotion that no surveillance system can understand.

7. Take action at your local and State level to oppose NSA illegal spying and expose any politicians who ignore the U.S. Constitution in exchange for and imaginary "safety" you never asked for.

8. Cover the cameras on lap tops and other electronic devices.

9. Learn to browse the internet on proxy servers and use different names when possible. Why not make surveillance difficult for those illegally doing it? These are just a few solutions to surveillance.

10. Go to to get involved in the battle for internet freedom and privacy.


1. Buy only organic food and foods that have no GMO food.

2. Read labels carefully and know what you are buying and eating.

3. Support your local farmers market instead of the large corporate owned stores that want to steal your personal information and track what you purchase in exchange for a store member discount.

4. Visit to find out what you can do to fight GMO food


1. Do everything you can to educate others about the significance of 9/11 truth and the roll the deep state played in it. Realize that the people who brought down the towers are the same swamp people who are against everything President Donald Trump is doing or trying to do. Whether it's the Bushs or the Clintons, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama or McCain- the Left-Right paradigm is the same and was hijacked long ago to hide the nature of the true villains. Their identity in the Wikileaks-Trump era is now revealed. State sponsored terrorism is no exception.

2. Study history and see how the globalists have funding terrorism to overthrow nation states just like they have done in the Middle East for many years.

3. Read about the Communist long planned "violent revolution" alternative solution to divide and destroy America if their non-violent revolution doesn't move fast enough. This is where we are today and the globalist know that peace will not accomplish all their goals and for that reason Obama-Soros-Clinton created, armed and funded many civilian armies all over the Middle East as well as here in the U.S. (Antifa) .

4. Sharing information is key. The deep state is being exposed for their actions of the past years. The more we know the closer we are to stopping "terrorism" once and for all.


1. Understand the Liberal Left-Communist-Globalist agenda to divide humanity in every way shape and form in order to conquer us. This is the plan and the only way to do it is to have families, cultures and religions divided and destroyed. That includes all forms of values and traditions. For this reason the Left stays focused on any issue that divides us. See and recognize this strategy and plan on fighting back by being firm in your beliefs, your traditions and your faith. Realize the Left has fallen for what the Communist leaders of old called the "National Liberation" agenda to divide America once and for all.

2. Remember that the only race that matters is that we are all part of the human race. This is what Dr Martin Luther King spoke about before the deep state silenced him. Remember King's message. Stand for unity not "diversity" and remind those around you of the importance and the benefits of being unified as a nation. Our skin color or gender is not something we were born with a choice over. It's just part of the beauty of life. We are all meant to look different on the outside. So as we look to each other on the inside the Liberal progressives and globalist try to get everyone to look and judge others by things on the outside. This unifying realization that we all bleed red blood is something the globalist Liberals and their CIA controlled mainstream media hope you don't focus on.

3. Call out the Leftist and anyone who resorts to identity politics in order to divide us. Come above these people whether it's Michelle Obama or another Hollywood celebrity trying to tell you how to live your life and what to care about. A new era in America is upon us.

4. Be the example of unity and love to your children and those who look up to you. Action much more than words leaves an eternal mark in people's lives.